What It’s Like To Be The Sort-Of-Pretty Girl

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First off, I should probably specify what I mean by “sort of pretty.” You’re a sort-of-pretty girl if you’re not the loveliest in the bunch, but still get called cute. You’re the girl who gets 27 likes on Instagram, tops. You’re the girl who has big eyes but also a prominent nose. In fact, you are pretty, just not conventionally. You don’t relate to the delicate faces plastered on commercial busses. You don’t have the most voluminous hair or the longest legs; you’re average bordering on something more. Not a head turner but still intriguing. You’re sort of pretty.

Being a sort-of-pretty girl has it’s implications. It means you may have been insecure about the bulge on your nose at some point but later realized it made you look exotic. It means you developed confidence and drive. You became independent because you never relied on…

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Taking on finals week like a boss.

I always know finals week is approaching when I see students walking like zombies through the university, coffee cups and laptops in hand, their eyes glazed over after several consecutive all nighters.

I’m joking of course…kind of. I think students (mostly freshmen) allow themselves to get stressed out this time of year just from lack of preparation. I learned the hard way, and I hope to help you make it through finals without losing your hair or your sanity.

  1. PAY ATTENTION. In case you didn’t know, your professors are not standing up there talking for their health. They are giving you the information you’ll need to know for your final. LISTEN. READ. REVIEW. This is important. Late nights and good times are a big part of the college experience, but should never stand in the way of your education. Pay attention and take good notes.
  2. PREPARE. Absolutely do NOT wait until the night before your final to cram. If you have not paid attention in classes throughout the semester and are relying on one night of studying to pass the exam you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your preparation should start weeks in advance. Begin writing down when your exams are and plan your study schedule accordingly. Planners are a college student’s best friend.
  3. REST. Do NOT pull all nighters. If you crash the next morning and miss your exam, you aren’t likely to get a do-over. It is much easier to remember the information if you study an hour or two each evening for a few days leading up to your exam. That way you aren’t trying to take on too much information at once and you have time to review. You also will have plenty of time to rest and take on your final all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Good luck on finals next week!

What I have learned in MCJ102

Over the course of this semester I have learned more than I could have imagined. Having very little experience with print writing, I knew that I had much to learn and a long way to go. I have had the best time working in the Office of University Communications and writing for the Printz and doing a story for the Talon. MCJ 102 has helped me hone my writing skills by working on my leads and stories. I still struggle with a creative way to use thirty words, but I’m getting there. I also had never learned about ad writing or broadcast very much before. I did the news show at Jones, the Jones Edition, but I did not know much of what I was doing. If I could have had this class first it would have been so much better! I am glad to have learned how to use social media professionally and be required to tweet each week. I now have many new journalist followers from all over. Working on this blog was also good practice for just getting my thoughts out and put together. I am excited to continue my education in the School of Mass Comm. and Journalism and am so thankful for such helpful and awesome teachers. SMTTT!

33 Ridiculously Hilarious Schmidt Quotes That Will Brighten Your Day

LOVE New Girl and really love Shmidt.

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I didn’t start watching New Girl until earlier this year. I like Zooey Deschanel but honestly, I’m very tired of the whole ‘adorkable’-quirky-indie-girl-dresses-like-Elaine-Benes personality she plays in nearly every role. I was sort of hesitant to watch her show but then somehow, maybe through the suggestion of friends or through the fusion power of pure boredom and Netflix streaming, I decided to check it out.

Three seasons later and I’m hooked. Zooey plays the typical character I thought she would and while I love some of Jess’s moments on the show, Schmidt is the character I’ve fallen unabashedly in love with. Yeah, he has his supreme douche moments (that’s what the douche jar is for!) but he’s absolutely hilarious and his comedic timing is perfect. I’m not really into Nick’s grumpy man routine, although his character is growing on me, and I think Winston is still trying to find his…

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Typhoon strikes Philippines

If you have turned on the news or even checked online in the last few hours, most of what you will see are stories of the tragic damage and loss to the Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan. This terrible storm struck the Philippines with such force that around 10,000 people were killed and villages that are home to 200,000 are nothing but piles of rubble and debris. The storm went on to hit Vietnam after losing power early this morning. CNN reported citizen Magina Fernandez said the aftermath as worse than hell. Relief efforts are underway and the Philippines Red Cross is working to get food and care to those without. U.S. marines are also being sent in to help with relief efforts. The rough weather may not be over. CNN reports that a tropical depression is set to hit the Philippines tonight. A Google Crisis map has been launched to help those with loved ones overseas to check on them.

Marriage Market?

I read a story on CNN.com that seemed really strange to me. Why do this “marriage market” instead of joining an online dating site. It seems much easier to just log on than go out and search through those papers. And why if there are so many people in China, why is it so hard to find someone to marry? It does not really seem to add up.

Then I saw this quote: “There are too many leftover women in Shanghai,” he says, using a popular term to describe an educated, single, urban women over the age of 27. “Their standards are too high.”

Hold on. What? I get that Chinese people have the pressure to carry on their family, but why do these women have to settle? Why is looked down on that they are choosing to stay single rather than marry some guy without knowing him and being miserable? This whole thing makes me very angry. I could never marry someone that I did not love or barely even know just because my peers pressured me to.