Typhoon strikes Philippines

If you have turned on the news or even checked online in the last few hours, most of what you will see are stories of the tragic damage and loss to the Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan. This terrible storm struck the Philippines with such force that around 10,000 people were killed and villages that are home to 200,000 are nothing but piles of rubble and debris. The storm went on to hit Vietnam after losing power early this morning. CNN reported citizen Magina Fernandez said the aftermath as worse than hell. Relief efforts are underway and the Philippines Red Cross is working to get food and care to those without. U.S. marines are also being sent in to help with relief efforts. The rough weather may not be over. CNN reports that a tropical depression is set to hit the Philippines tonight. A Google Crisis map has been launched to help those with loved ones overseas to check on them.


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