Marriage Market?

I read a story on that seemed really strange to me. Why do this “marriage market” instead of joining an online dating site. It seems much easier to just log on than go out and search through those papers. And why if there are so many people in China, why is it so hard to find someone to marry? It does not really seem to add up.

Then I saw this quote: “There are too many leftover women in Shanghai,” he says, using a popular term to describe an educated, single, urban women over the age of 27. “Their standards are too high.”

Hold on. What? I get that Chinese people have the pressure to carry on their family, but why do these women have to settle? Why is looked down on that they are choosing to stay single rather than marry some guy without knowing him and being miserable? This whole thing makes me very angry. I could never marry someone that I did not love or barely even know just because my peers pressured me to.


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