Taking on finals week like a boss.

I always know finals week is approaching when I see students walking like zombies through the university, coffee cups and laptops in hand, their eyes glazed over after several consecutive all nighters.

I’m joking of course…kind of. I think students (mostly freshmen) allow themselves to get stressed out this time of year just from lack of preparation. I learned the hard way, and I hope to help you make it through finals without losing your hair or your sanity.

  1. PAY ATTENTION. In case you didn’t know, your professors are not standing up there talking for their health. They are giving you the information you’ll need to know for your final. LISTEN. READ. REVIEW. This is important. Late nights and good times are a big part of the college experience, but should never stand in the way of your education. Pay attention and take good notes.
  2. PREPARE. Absolutely do NOT wait until the night before your final to cram. If you have not paid attention in classes throughout the semester and are relying on one night of studying to pass the exam you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your preparation should start weeks in advance. Begin writing down when your exams are and plan your study schedule accordingly. Planners are a college student’s best friend.
  3. REST. Do NOT pull all nighters. If you crash the next morning and miss your exam, you aren’t likely to get a do-over. It is much easier to remember the information if you study an hour or two each evening for a few days leading up to your exam. That way you aren’t trying to take on too much information at once and you have time to review. You also will have plenty of time to rest and take on your final all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Good luck on finals next week!


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