What I have learned in MCJ102

Over the course of this semester I have learned more than I could have imagined. Having very little experience with print writing, I knew that I had much to learn and a long way to go. I have had the best time working in the Office of University Communications and writing for the Printz and doing a story for the Talon. MCJ 102 has helped me hone my writing skills by working on my leads and stories. I still struggle with a creative way to use thirty words, but I’m getting there. I also had never learned about ad writing or broadcast very much before. I did the news show at Jones, the Jones Edition, but I did not know much of what I was doing. If I could have had this class first it would have been so much better! I am glad to have learned how to use social media professionally and be required to tweet each week. I now have many new journalist followers from all over. Working on this blog was also good practice for just getting my thoughts out and put together. I am excited to continue my education in the School of Mass Comm. and Journalism and am so thankful for such helpful and awesome teachers. SMTTT!


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